Call for bid for SciCADE13 (CLOSED)

As it is well known, SciCADE is the conference series on Scientific Computation and Differential Equations. Previous SciCADE meetings have been held in Auckland (1993), Stanford (1995), Grado (1997), Fraser Island (1999), Vancouver (2001), Trondheim (2003), Nagoya (2005) and Saint Malo (2007). SciCADE 2009 will be held in Beijing and SciCADE 2011 will take place in Toronto. It remains to be decided where ScicADE 2013 will take place.

Those wishing to organize the SciCADE 2013 conference are thus invited to submit their proposal to Jialin Hong ( Deadline for submission is April 20, 2009. The decision will be made by a selection committee, of which members include:

  • T. Mitsui (chair of SciCADE05)
  • P. Chartier (chair of SciCADE07)
  • J. Hong (chair of SciCADE09)
  • W. Enright (chair of SciCADE11)

This proposal should include specific information with respect to the following items:

  • Proposed date and place
  • Format of the meeting (number of plenary talks, minisymposia,бн)
  • Focus areas of the scientific program
  • Conference facilities
  • Plan for financing, including which expenses are intended to be covered by the organizer, and approximate conference fee.

Note that the conference format should reserve slots (and funds when required) for the following:

  • Dahlquist Prize (administered and sponsored by SIAM)
  • New Talent Award (administered by the international scientific committee)
  • Butcher Prize in Numerical Analysis (sponsored by ANZIAM)


SciCADE13 will be held in Valladolid, Spain!


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Updated on Feb. 5, 2008