Short Course

  • A short course on “Modern Optimization and Applications” will be given from June 20 to July 8 2016 (before and after the workshop) by

    • Professor Sergiy Butenko (Texas A&M University, US; Editor-in-chief of Journal of Global Optimization)

    • Professor Thorsten Koch (Zuse Institute Berlin/TU Berlin, Germany; General Editor of Mathematical Programming Computation)

    • Professor Jiming Peng (University of Houston)

    • Professor Mingyi Hong (Iowa State University)

  • The short course is FREE. To attend the short course, please fill the following resistration form before 15 May, 2016 and send it to Mr. Weikun Chen at

  • Notice: The above registration form is only for the short course. If you want to attend the workshop, please click here and register the workshop!