Ya-Feng Liu

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Ya-Feng Liu (刘亚锋)
Associate Professor
State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing
Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences

My Short CV


  • [Aug. 24, 2020] Our paper ‘‘Time-Division Energy Beamforming for Multiuser Wireless Power Transfer with Non-Linear Energy Harvesting,’’ jointly with Ganggang Ma, Prof. Jie Xu and Dr. Mohammad R. Vedady Moghadam, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Wireless Communications Letters. [link]

  • [Aug. 22, 2020] Our paper ‘‘AggreFlow: Achieving Power Efficiency, Load Balancing, and Quality of Service in Data Center Networks,’’ jointly with Prof. Zehua Guo et al., has been accepted for publication in the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

  • [Aug. 9, 2020] Our paper ‘‘An Enhanced SDR based Global Algorithm for Nonconvex Complex Quadratic Programs with Signal Processing Applications,’’ jointly with Prof. Cheng Lu and Dr. Jing Zhou, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing. [link]

  • [Aug. 7, 2020] Our paper ‘‘Optimal Virtual Network Function Deployment for 5G Network Slicing in a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure,’’ jointly with Dr. Antonio De Domenico and Prof. Wei Yu, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. [link]

  • [Mar. 10, 2020] The preface of the special issue of MOA 2018, coedited with Prof. Fengmin Xu, Prof. Neng Fan, and Prof. Jiming Peng, has published in the Journal of Global Optimization. We thank all the authors for their interest in this special issue, and all the reviewers who helped to provide their expertise in improving the papers. We are grateful to Prof. Sergiy Butenko, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Global Optimization, for his great support, help, and guidance in the editorial process and Prof. Yu-Hong Dai for the organization of the wonderful workshop. [link]

  • [Nov. 10, 2019] It is my great honor to be elected as a member of SPCOM-TC (Signal Processing for Communications and Networking Technical Committee) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. SPCOM-TC members’ responsibilities include reviewing papers for two flagship conferences ICASSP and SPAWC as well as nominating and voting various paper and society awards.

  • [Aug. 10, 2019] Welcome Professor Wei Yu from University of Toronto to visit our group!

  • [July 19, 2019] Our paper ‘‘Set-Completely-Positive Representations and Cuts for the Max-Cut Polytope and the Unit Modulus Lifting,’’ jointly with Prof. Florian Jarre, Felix Lieder, and Dr. Cheng Lu, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Optimization. [link]

  • [June 28, 2019] Our paper ‘‘Physical-Layer Multicasting Design for Downstream G.fast DSL Transmission,’’ jointly with Dr. Wouter Lanneer, Prof. Wei Yu, and Prof. Marc Moonen, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Access. [link]

  • [May 24, 2019] Welcome Dr. Antonio De Domenico from CEA-LETI to visit our group from May 26 to June 1!

  • [Apr. 20–21, 2019] I have organized three sessions entitled ‘‘Mathematical Optimization in Signal Processing’’ in the National Conference on Mathematical Programming, which takes place from April 19 to 22 in Nanjing. Thanks all speakers and participants! Special thanks go to Prof. Meixia Tao, Prof. Zhiqiang Xu, Prof. Zi Xu, Prof. Qingjiang Shi, Prof. Yongwei Huang, Prof. Ke Wei, Prof. Zai Yang, Prof. Jingran Lin, Prof. Shu Cai, and Prof. Bo Jiang!

  • [Mar. 26, 2019] Our paper ‘‘Max-Min Fairness User Scheduling and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA Systems,’’ jointly with Xiaozhou Zhang, Prof. Tsung-Hui Chang, Prof. Chao Shen, and Prof. Gang Zhu, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. [link]

  • [Mar. 14, 2019] Our paper ‘‘Joint Switch Upgrade and Controller Deployment in Hybrid Software-Defined Networks,’’ jointly with Dr. Zehua Guo, Weikun Chen, Prof. Yang Xu, and Prof. Zhi-Li Zhang, has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications special issue on Network Softwarization & Enablers. [link]

Research Interests

  • My main research interests are nonlinear optimization and its applications to signal processing, wireless communications, and machine learning. I am particularly interested in characterizing the computational complexity of and designing efficient algorithms for optimization problems arising from these applications.

  • My current research interests are sparse optimization, global optimization, large-scale optimization, and various optimization problems from 5G communications and big data applications.


  • I am looking for self-motivated students with solid mathematical background who are interested in pursuing Master's or Ph.D. degrees. Please send me an email (with a copy of your resume) for details.


P.O. Box 2719, No. 55, ZhongGuanCun DongLu
HaiDian District, Beijing 100190, China

Tel: (86) 8254-1018
Fax: (86) 8254-1993
Office: Room 406, LanBai Building
Email: yafliu at lsec.cc.ac.cn