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State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing,

The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing,

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,

works on Nonlinear Optimization(Theory and Method) and its application.

Group Leaders: Prof. Ya-xiang Yuan, Prof. Yu-hong Dai

Seminar Information


Sept. 12, 15:30-16:30 (Z311), Cheng Chen, A multilevel second-order type method for convex problems

Sept. 12, 16:30-17:30 (Z311), Dr. Yin Xian (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), DCTNet for Audio Signal Classification

Sept. 19, 15:30-16:30 (Z311), Prof. Wotao Yin (University of California, Los Angeles) , Coordinate Descent Methods

Sept. 19, 16:30-17:30 (Z311), Dr. Pauline Tan (ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, France), Alternating proximal gradient descent for nonconvex regularised problems with biconvex and multiconvex coupling terms


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