Collaborators and Students


  • Yadan Chen (2016.9-2021.7), from Jilin University, PhD Degree (now works for the People's Bank of China)

  • Rui Zhang (2015.9-2017.7), from Taiyuan University of Technology, Master Degree (now works for Inspur),
    co-supervised by Zaikun Zhang


  • Kaili Zhang (2021.7-), from Beijing University of Technology

Graduate Students

  • Wei Liu (2017.9-), from Zhejiang University

  • Lei Wang (2018.9-), from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Yukuan Hu (2019.9-), from Tongji University

  • Shanglin Liu (2020.9-), from Xi'an Jiaotong University

  • Linshuo Jiang (2021.9-), from Dalian University of Technology

  • Haoran Zheng (2021.9-), from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Siyuan Zhang (2022.9-), from Shanghai Jiaotong University

Cooperant Students

  • Qian Dong (2012.9-2016.6), AMSS (now works for Institute of Software, CAS)

  • Hong Wang (2013.12-2015.12), PolyU (now works for Shenzhen Technology University)

  • Bin Gao (2015.3-2019.8), AMSS (now works for University of Münster)

  • Nachuan Xiao (2017.3-2021.8), AMSS (now works for ational University of Singapore)

  • Bastien Vieublé (2019.5-2019.9), ENSEEIHT, France

  • Siyun Zhou (2019.9-), UESTC

Undergraduate Students

  • Zhimin Peng (2010.7-2010.8), UCLA (now works for Twilio Inc.)

  • Xinyang Wang (2013.9-2014.6), Courant, NYU (now works for Facebook)

  • Chao Ma (2015.9-2016.6), Princeton (now works for Stanford)

  • Donghao Ying (2019.9-2020.6), UC Berkeley

  • Feiyu Han (2020.9-2021.6), University of Chicago