Main Research Interests

  • Multilevel iterative solvers and their efficient implementation
  • A posteriori error analysis and adaptive mesh refinement
  • Multiphase multicomponent complex flows in porous media

Selected Publications

Selected Public Talks

Selected Research Grants

  • Jan/2020–Dec/2023: Key Science and Technology Project of PetroChina, Participant
  • Jan/2020–Dec/2021: Collaborative Research Project of PetroBras, Participant
  • Jan/2020–Dec/2023: National Science Foundation of China 11971472, PI
  • Jan/2020–Dec/2020: Research Project of RIPED, PetroChina, PI
  • Sep/2019–Dec/2020: Science Challenge Project, PI
  • Jan/2016–Dec/2020: Key Research Program of Frontier Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PI
  • July/2016–Dec/2020: National Key Research and Development Program of China, Participant
  • Jan/2016–Dec/2018: Major Research Plan, NSFC 91530323, Participant
  • Jan/2015–Dec/2018: Major Research Plan, NSFC 91430215, Participant
  • Jan/2014–Dec/2016: Research Foundation for Returned Oversea Scholars, State Education Ministry, PI
  • Jan/2012–Dec/2014: National Science Foundation of China 91130011, Participant
  • Dec/2010–Dec/2012: China Postdoc Science Foundation 45210148–0072, PI
  • Sep/2009–Aug/2012: US NSF DMS–0915153, co-PI