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Research Interests

  • Finite element methods and their applications
  • A posteriori error analysis and adaptive mesh refinement
  • Geometric and algebraic multilevel solvers
  • Multiphase and complex flows in porous media

Some Public Talks

Research Grant

  • Jan/2020–Dec/2023: National Science Foundation of China 11971472, PI
  • Jan/2016–Dec/2020: Key Research Program of Frontier Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PI
  • Jan/2016–Dec/2018: National Science Foundation of China 91530323, Participant
  • Jan/2015–Dec/2018: National Science Foundation of China 91430215, Participant
  • Jan/2014–Dec/2016: Research Foundation for Returned Oversea Scholars, State Education Ministry, PI
  • Jan/2012–Dec/2014: National Science Foundation of China 91130011, Participant
  • Dec/2010–Dec/2012: China Postdoc Science Foundation 45210148–0072, PI
  • Sep/2009–Aug/2012: US National Science Foundation DMS–0915153, co-PI

Selected Publications

  • Numerical simulation of an immersed rotating structure in fluid for hemodynamic applications, with W. Leng, et al., Journal of Computational Science, 30 (2019)
  • On the ideal interpolation operator in algebraic multigrid methods, with X. Xu, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 56 (2018)
  • Analytical decoupling techniques for fully implicit reservoir simulation, with C. Qiao, S. Wu, and J. Xu, Journal of Computational Physics, 336 (2017)
  • A scalable hybrid solver for rate-type non-Newtonian fluid models, with Y.-J. Lee and W. Leng, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 300 (2016)
  • A multilevel preconditioner and its shared memory implementation for a new generation reservoir simulator, with S. Wu, et al., Petroleum Science, 11 (2014)
  • On adaptive Eulerian-Lagrangian method for linear convection-diffusion problems, with X. Hu, Y.-J. Lee, and J. Xu, Journal of Scientific Computing, 58 (2014)
  • Combined Preconditioning with Applications in Reservoir Simulation, with X. Hu, et al., SIAM Multiscale Modelling and Simulation, 11 (2013)
  • On the global existence and uniqueness of solutions to discretized viscoelastic flow models, with Y.-J. Lee and J. Xu, M3AS, 28 (2011)
  • Stable finite element discretizations for viscoelastic flow models, with Y.-J. Lee and J. Xu, Handbook of Numerical Analysis (HNA) Vol. 16 (2011)
  • A coarsening algorithm and multilevel methods on adaptive grids by newest vertex bisection, with L. Chen, Journal of Computational Mathematics, 28 (2010)
  • A posteriori error analysis for a class of integro-differential operators, with R. H. Nochetto, T. von Petersdorff, Numerische Mathematik, 116 (2010)
  • A posteriori error analysis for parabolic variational inequalities, with K.-S. Moon, R. H. Nochetto and T. von Petersdorff, ESAIM: M2NA, 47 (2007)
  • A modified augmented Lagrangian method for a class of monotone variational inequalities, with B.-S. He and H. Yang, European Journal of Operations Research, 159 (2004)