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  • The conference will arrange your accommodation in Xiamen. You can choose other hotels near the campus of Xiamen University, but for the security and convenience consideration, we strongly recommend you choose the conference hotel.
  • Our conference hotel is "Peony Wanpeng Hotel", since November belongs to the most beautiful season of a year in Xiamen, almost all the hotels run out of standard single rooms. Therefore we reserve bigger rooms in a very nice discounted price for all participants. For those participants who can not afford the price of double room and do not mind sharing a double room with other participants, please contact Dr. Xin Liu as soon as possible. For others participants, please also contact us to confirm the type of room your prefer. We hope every participant can understand the slightly change in price.
    1. Double room: RMB 414 (USD 66 c.a.)
    2. Business suite: RMB 466 (USD 74 c.a.)
    3. Administrative suite: RMB 508 (USD 81 c.a.)
    4. Deluxe suite: RMB 747 (USD 119 c.a.)
  • All the above price includes a special tax (4%) imposed by the municipal government of Xiamen.

ICNONLA 2011 November 7-11, 2011 Xiamen City, Fujian, China