2015 Summer Workshop on Finite Element Methods

(August 8-9, 2015)

Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing

The 2015 workshop on finite element methods will be held from August 8 to 9, 2015 at the Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing (BISEC). The goal of the workshop is to expose new and intriguing research topics to graduate students, postdocs, and other researchers and provide a platform for researchers, especially junior researchers, to communicate and to discuss possible future research and collaborations.


  • James Adler
    (Tufts University)
  • Yanlai Chen
    (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)
  • Tao Cui
    (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Bo Dong
    (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)
  • Xiaobing Feng
    (University of Tennessee)
  • Wenrui Hao
    (Ohio State University)
  • Xiaoming He
    (Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Jun Hu
    (Peking University)
  • Xuehai Huang
    (Wenzhou University)
  • Hengguang Li
    (Wayne State University)
  • Jie Liu
    (National University of Singapore)
  • Xinfeng Liu
    (University of South Carolina)
  • Zhonghua Qiao
    (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Abner J. Salgado
    (University of Tennessee )
  • Andreas Vogel
    (Goethe-Center for Scientific Computing)
  • Feng Wang
    (Nanjing Normal University)
  • Huayi Wei
    (Xiangtan University)
  • Yongke Wu
    (Sichuan University)
  • Xiaoping Xie
    (Sichuan University)
  • Yifeng Xu
    (Shanghai Normal University)
  • Xiu Ye
    (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
  • Wenjun Ying
    (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
  • Shun Zhang
    (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Shuo Zhang
    (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Wujun Zhang
    (University of Maryland)
  • Zhenyu Zhang
    (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
  • Liuqiang Zhong
    (South China Normal University)
  • Yunrong Zhu
    (Idaho State University)

Workshop Schedule


    Hibiscus Room, Third Floor, Grand Gongda Jianguo Hotel

    100 Pingleyuan Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Organizing Committee

Local Contact