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  • Steering Committee of Sino-Japan Optimization Meeting 2011

X.J. Chen (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

S. Fujishige (Kyoto University)

M. Fukushima (Kyoto University)

J.Y. Han (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

B.S. He (Nanjing University)

H. Kawasaki (Kyushu University)

M. Kojima (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

M. Kubo (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

D. Li (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

L.Z. Liao (Hong Kong Baptist University)

S. Mizuno (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

K. Murota (University of Tokyo)

H. Nagamochi (Kyoto University)

L.Q. Qi (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

J. Sun (National University of Singapore)

W.Y. Sun (Nanjing Normal University) (Co-Chair)

X.L. Sun (Fudan University)

A. Tamura (Keio University)

T. Tanaka (Niigata University)

T. Tanino (Osaka University) (Co-Chair)

K.L. Teo (Curtin University )

T. Tsuchiya (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

S.Y. Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

S.Y. Wu (National Cheng Kung University)

H. Yabe (Tokyo University of Science)

H. Yamashita (Mathematical Systems, Inc.)

X.M. Yang (Chongqin Normal University)

A. Yoshise (University of Tsukuba)

Y.X. Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

J.Z. Zhang (City University of Hong Kong)

X.S. Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


  • Organizing Committee of Sino-Japan Optimization Meeting 2011

Yuhong Dai (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Masao Fukushima (Kyoto University, Japan)

Xin Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Wenyu Sun (Nanjing Normal University, China)

Naihua Xiu (Beijing Jiaotong University, China)

Ya-xiang Yuan (Chinese Academy of Sciences) (Chair)


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