Jizu Huang - Publications

Working Papers

[J] R. He, Y.F. Chen, Z.H. Yang, J.Z. Huang, and X.F. Guan, Phase Field Smoothing-PINN: a neural network solver for partial differential equations with discontinuous coefficients, submitted.

[J] C.D. Ma, J.Z. Huang, and C. Yang, CPAFT: A Consistent Parallel Advancing Front Technique for Unstructured Triangular/Tetrahedral Mesh Generation, submitted.

[J] J.Z. Huang and C. Yang, Parallel energy stable phase field simulations of Ni-based alloys system, submitted.

[J] T.P. Chen, H.J. Yang, J.Z. Huang, and C. Yang, Adaptive space-time domain decomposition for multiphase flow in porous media with bound constraints, submitted.

[J] J.Z. Huang, Energy stable schemes for gradient flows based on the DVD method, submitted.

[J] C.Q. Ye, S.B. Fu, E. Chung, and J.Z. Huang, A robust two-level overlapping preconditioner for Darcy flow in high-contrast media, submitted.

[J] C.Q. Ye, S.B. Fu, E. Chung, and J.Z. Huang, An efficient multiscale multigrid preconditioner for Darcy flow in high-contrast media, submitted.

Selected Journal Papers

[J28] Z.B. Lu and J.Z. Huang, A multiscale asymptotic expansion for combustion system with composite materials, J. Comput. and Appl. Math., 441 (2024) p-115678.

[J27] T.P. Cheng, H.J. Yang, J.Z. Huang, and C. Yang, Nonlinear parallel-in-time simulations of multiphase flow in porous media, J Comput. Phys., 494 (2023) p-112515.

[J26] Z.H. Yang, X.T. Wang, X.F. Guan, J.Z. Huang, and X.X. Wu, A normalizing field flow induced two-stage stochastic homogenization method for non-stationary random composite materials, Commun. in Comput. Phys., accepted.

[J25] H.J. Zhao, H.J. Yang, and J.Z. Huang, Parallel generalized Lagrange–Newton method for fully coupled solution of PDE-constrained optimization problems with bound-constraints, Appl. Numer. Math., 184(2023), pp. 219–233.

[J24] Z.H. Yang, J.Z. Huang, X.B. Feng, and X.F. Guan, An efficient multi-modes Monte Carlo homogenization method for random materials, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 44(3) (2022), pp. A1752-A1774.

[J23] Z.Y. Wang, Q.L. He, and J.Z. Huang, The immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method for solving solid-fluid interaction problem with Navier-slip boundary condition, Comput. & Fluids, 217 (2021), p. 104839.

[J22] H.J. Yang, C. Yang, and J.Z. Huang, Variational inequality transport model on the sphere by the active-set reduced-space algorithm, Cumut. Phys. Commun., 260 (2021), p. 07739.

[J21] J.L. Zhang, J.Z. Huang, K. Wang, and X. Wang, Error estimate on the tanh meshes for the time fractional diffusion equation, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, 37(3) (2021), pp. 2046-2066.

[J20] S.K. An, J.Z. Huang, and L. Wan, D-EE: a distributed software for visualizing intrinsic structure of large-scale single-cell data, GigaScience 9 (11), giaa126.

[J19] C.P. Ma, J.Z. Huang, L.Q. Cao, and Y.P. Lin, Multiscale Computations for the Maxwell–Schrodinger System in Heterogeneous Nanostructures, Commun. in Comput. Phys., 27(5) (2020), pp. 1443-1469.

[J18] J.Z. Huang, C. Yang, and Y. Wei, Parallel energy-stable solver for a coupled Allen–Cahn and Cahn–Hilliard system, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 42 (5) (2020), pp. C294-C312.

[J17] R.L. Chen, J.Z. Huang, and X.-C. Cai, A parallel domain decomposition algorithm for large scale image denoising, Inverse Prob. Imag., 13(6) (2019), p. 1259.

[J16] K. Wang, Y.S. Wong, and J.Z. Huang, Analysis of pollution-free approaches for multi-dimensional Helmholtz equations, Inter. J. Numer. Anal. Model., 16 (2019), pp. 412-423.

[J15] Q.L. Dong, J.Z. Huang, X.H. Li, Y.J. Cho, and Th. M. Rassias, MiKM: Multi-step inertial Krasnosel'skii-Mann algorithm and its applications, Journal of Global Optimization, 73 (2019), pp. 801-824.

[J14] C.P. Ma, L.Q. Cao, and J.Z. Huang, Analysis of a fully discrete finite element method for the Maxwell-Schrodinger system in the coulomb gauge, Inter. J. Numer. Anal. Model., 16 (2019), pp.139-166.

[J13] Y. Wei, C. Yang, and J.Z. Huang, Parallel energy-stable phase field crystal simulations based on domain decomposition methods, Comput. Phys. Commun., 234 (2019), pp. 26-39.

[J12] K. Wang and J.Z. Huang, A Fast Algorithm for the Caputo Fractional Derivative, East. Asia. J. Appl. Math., 8 (2018), pp. 656-677.

[J11] Q.L. Dong, L.Q. Cao, X. Wang, and J.Z. Huang, Multiscale Numerical Algorithms for Elastic Wave Equations with Rapidly Oscillating Coefficients, Appl. Math. Comput., 336 (2018), pp. 16-35.

[J10] J.Z. Huang and X.-P. Wang, A lattice Boltzmann model for multiphase flows with moving contact line and variable density, J. Comput. Phys., 353 (2018), pp. 26-45.

[J9] L. Yin, C. Yang, S.Z. Ma, J.Z. Huang, and Y. Cai, Parallel Numerical Simulation of the Thermal Convection in the Earth’s Outer Core on the Cubed-Sphe, Geophy. J. Int., 209 (2017), pp. 1934-1954.

[J8] K. Wang, Y.S. Wong, and J.Z. Huang, Solving Helmholtz equation at high wave numbers in exterior domains, Appl. Math. Comput., 298(2017), pp. 221-235.

[J7] J.Z. Huang, L.Q. Cao, and C. Yang, A multiscale algorithm for radiative heat transfer equation with rapidly oscillating coefficients, Appl. Math. Comput., 266(2015), pp. 149-168.

[J6] C. Li, J.Z. Huang, and Z.G. Li, A Relation for Nanodroplet Diffusion on Smooth Surfaces, Scientific reports, 2016, 6: 26488.

[J5] J.Z. Huang, C. Yang, and X.-C. Cai, A nonlinearly preconditioned inexact Newton algorithm for steady state lattice Boltzmann equations, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 38-3 (2016), pp. A1701-A1724.

[J4] J.Z. Huang, C. Yang, and X.-C. Cai, A Fully Implicit Method For Lattice Boltzmann Equations, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 37-5 (2015), pp. S291-S313.

[J3] J.Z. Huang and L.Q. Cao, Global regularity and multiscale approach for thermal radiation heat transfer, Multiscale Model. and Simul., 12 (2014), p. 694-724.

[J2] A. Trinchi, Y. S. Yang, J. Z. Huang, P. Falcaro, D. Busoand and L. Q. Cao, Study of 3D Composition in a nanoscale sample using Data Constrained Modelling and Multi-Spectrum X-ray CT, Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng., 20 (2012), 015013 (11pp).

[J1] J.Z. Huang, L.Q. Cao, and S. Yang, A Molecular Dynamics-Continuum Coupled Model for Heat Transfer in Composite Materials, Multiscale Model. and Simul., 10 (2012), p. 1292-1316.

Selected Conference Papers

[C1] J.Z. Huang, C. Yang and X.-C. Cai, Simulation of cavity flows by an implicit domain decompositionalgorithm for the lattice Boltzmann equations, Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXII, 2013, pp. 275-283.