Organized Activities

Some Organized/Organizing Activities

Edited Special Issues

  • Conjugate Gradient and Quasi-Newton Methods for Nonlinear Optimization, Pacific Journal of Optimization, 2:1, 2006 (with Donghui Li).

  • Special issue of The 5th Sino-Japan Optimization Meeting, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 30:3, 2013 (with Wenyun Sun and Tetsuzo Tanino)

  • Special issue of The 2nd Sino-German Workshop on Optimization, Modeling, Methods and Applications in Industry and Management, Pacific Journal of Optimization, 10:1, 2014 (with Bingsheng He and Thorsten Koch).

  • Data-Driven Optimization Models and Algorithms, Journal of the Operations Research Society of China, 3:4, 2015 (with Yanqin Bai and Naihua Xiu)

  • Special issue for ICIAM2015 (Beijing), Science China Mathematics, 59:8, 2016 (with Zhaojun Bai, Weinan E, Chi-Wang Shu and Pingwen Zhang)

  • Special issue for MOA2016, Journal of Computational Mathematics, 36:3, 2018 (with Xiaojun Chen, Peter Richtarik, Yinyu Ye)

  • Special issue for MOA2018, Journal of Computational Mathematics, 37:6, 2019 (with Xiaojun Chen, Tamas Terlaky, Wotao Yin)

  • Special issues dedicated to Yaxiang Yuan's 60 birthday, Optimization Methods and Software, 35:2, 35:4, 2020 (with Xin Liu, Jiawang Nie and Zaiwen Wen)

  • Special issue to memorize Prof. Wenyu Sun, Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization, 10:4, 2020 (With Yiju Wang and Naihua Xiu)

  • Special topic on optimization and OR, CSIAM Transactions on Applied Mathematics (CSIAM), to appear, 2020 (with Zhiquan (Tom) Luo and Zhijun Wu)