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Invited Lecturers:

Professor Wotao Yin (Rice University, USA)

Zaiwen Wen (IPAM, UCLA and Rice University)

¡ª¡ªSparse Optimization


Exploiting sparsity is a common task in computational sciences. Recently, sparsity has been skillfully utilized to increase data acquisition capacity in a new approach called compressive sensing. This summer course covers the basics and recent theoretical, algorithmic, and application developments of sparse optimization.


Professor Jiawei Zhang (New York University, USA)

Simai He (City University of Hong Kong)

¡ª¡ªSubmoduarlity and Optimization


This short course provides an introduction to submodular functions and optimization. It will cover classical results as well as some recent advances in this area. We will also emphasize applications to combinatorial optimization, robust optimization, cooperative and competitive analysis of supply chain models.

1. Minimizing submdoular functions over a lattice: concepts and parametric analysis.

2. Fixed point theorem on lattice: applications to stable matching problem, and submodular games.

3. Polymatroid optimization and linear optimization over lattice polyhedra: greedy algorithm, submodularity of the value function, invariance theorem.

4. Convex network flow: complements and substitutes, ripple theorem, submodularity and monotonicity.

5. Maximizing submodular set function with matroid constraints: worst case analysis of greedy algorithms.




May 19th, 2010                 Deadline for Application

June 19th, 2010                  Deadline for Admission

July 18th, 2010                   Registration on the Summer School

July 19th-31st, 2010           The Summer School


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