International Conference: Nonlinear Waves--Theory and Applications

This conference will have five key-note speakers

  Athanassios S.Fokas ( University of Cambridge)
  The D-Bar Method, Medical Imaging, Complexification, Harmonicity and Integrability in 3+1
  Yuri S.Kivshar (The Australian National University)
  Energy localization and solitons in nonlinear periodic systems
  Yuji Kodama (The Ohio State University )
Combinatorics and geometry in shallow water waves: Soliton solutions of the KPII equation
Mordechai Segev (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
Nonlinear Waves in Photonic lattices: from Lattice Solitons to Anderson Localization
Vladimir Zakharov (University of Arizona)
  Turbulence in Integrable Systems