International Conference: Nonlinear Waves--Theory and Applications

 Contributed Talks

General aspects of nonlinear waves  
  Collisions between co-axial three-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau vortex solitons  
  Dumitru Mihalache (Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania)  
Determination of the growth rate curve for transverse instabilities of plane soliton solutions of the extended Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation
  Michael A. Allen ( Mahidol University,Thailand)  
  Numerical simulations of 3D overturning waves  
  Philippe Guyenne (University of Delaware, USA)  

Numerical method for one-dimensional linear and nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations on unbounded domain
  Zhiwen Zhang ( Tsinghua University, China)
Interactions between two solitons with arbitrary propagation directions in two-dimensional plasma
  Wen-shan Duan (Northwest Normal University, China)  
Dynamics of Nonlinear Traveling Waves in Synaptically Coupled Neuronal Networks  
Linghai Zhang ( Lehigh University, USA)  
  Tian-Shiang Yang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)  
  Anomalous interaction of spatial gap solitons in optically induced photonic lattices  
Sheng Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China)
Discrete systems free of the Peierls-Nabarro potential  
S.V.Dmitriev (Institute for Problems of Superplasticity of Metals, RAS, Russia)  
Integrable systems
Xiang-Jun Chen (Jinan University, China)  
  Integrable models for few-cycle optical pulses  
  Herv\'e Leblond (Universit\'e d'Angers, France)  
  Limit Solutions for Soliton Equations  
  Da-jun Zhang (Shanghai University, China)  
  Evolution of higher-order gray Hirota solitary waves  
  S.M.~Hoseini (Vali-e-Asr University, Iran)  
  Higher-dimensional integrable hierarchies with non-isospectral parameters  
  Kouichi Toda (Toyama Prefectural University, Japan)  
  Exploring the possible 2$\times$2 partial difference equation Lax pairs  
  Mike Hay (University of Sydney, Australia)  
  Exploring vortex solutions of Faddeev model  
Chang-Guang Shi (Shanghai University of Electric Power, China )
  Transverse instability of the modified nonlinear Schrodinger equation  
  Sarun Phibanchon (Faculty of Science and Art, Burapha University, Thailand)  
Exact solutions to the 2 by 2 associated linear problem of the second and third q-discrete Painleve equations
Nalini Joshi and Yang Shi (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia)
Nonlinear Optics
  Slow Light and Fast Light Solitons in Resonant Multi-Level Atomic Systems  
  Guoxiang Huang (East China Normal University, China)  
  The dispersion-managed Ginzburg-Landau equation and its application to femtosecond lasers  
Gino Biondini (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA)
  Nonlinear analysis of modulational instability in a layered optical medium  
  Jun Yu ( University of Vermont, USA)  
  Modulational instability and spatial solitons in one-dimensional lattices with resonant nonlinearity  
  Milutin Stepic (Vin\v ca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia)  
Necklace Solitons and Ring Solitons in Bessel Optical Lattices  
Liangwei Dong (Zhejiang Normal University, China)  
2D Surface Gap Solitons at a Nonlinearity Interface  
Tomas Dohnal (University of Karlsruhe, Germany )  
Band-gap engineering of two-dimenional photonic lattices with reconfigurable refractive index potential
Peng Zhang (Northwestern Polytechnical University; Nankai University, China)
  Linear and Nonlinear Landau-Zener Tunneling in Optical Directional Coupler  
  Ramaz Khomeriki (Tbilisi State University, GEORGIA)  
Evolution of optical vortices in light-induced photonic lattices under nonconventional bias conditions
Xuetao Gan (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China)
Spin waves and water waves
  Excitation of chaotic spin waves through four-wave parametric processes  
  Mingzhong Wu (Colorado State University, USA)  
  Nonlinear spin waves in in-plane confined geometries  
  Mikhail Kostylev (University of Western Australia, Australia)  
  Brillouin light scattering observations of thermal modes in yttrium iron garnet films  
  Timo Neumann (Fachbereich Physik, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)  
  Negative transitional damping of spin waves at the bottom of magnon spectrum  
  Alexander A. Serga (Fachbereich Physik, Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Germany)  
  Theoretical and experimental studies on the evolution of nonlinear water waves  
Wooyoung Choi (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)  
  Modulated surface gravity waves in a shallow-water resonator  
Alexander Ezersky (Morphodynamique Continentale et hatotigraveere (M2C) Universitacuteede Caen-Basse Normandie 2-4 rue des Tilleuls, France)