International Conference: Nonlinear Waves--Theory and Applications


Participants holding passports of the U.S. or some other countries need a visa to visit China. Chinese visas (tourist or business) are generally easy to obtain. We recommend that you apply for China tourist visa rather than business visa, since the tourist visa requires less paperwork (no official invitation letter needed). In case the participant needs an official invitation letter for attending this conference, please send the request to Prof. Xingbiao Hu (

For U.S. participants, Chinese visas can be obtained either by mail through a visa service agency, or by applying in person at a Chinese consulate. For a visa service agency, we recommend China Visa Service Center (, which provides simple, fast and reliable visa services. For those wishing to apply in person,please visit the website of Chinese consulates in the U.S. ( for information.

For participants from other countries, please visit the websites of Chinese consulates in those countries or contact them directly for visa application information.

For your visa application, the following information may be useful:

Name of Inviter: Prof. Xing-Biao HU 
Phone Number of Your Contact: 00-86-10-62627394
Address of Inviter:
Institute of Computational Mathematics
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100080, CHINA
Email of Your Contact: