Publications of 2009:

Monographs and printed lecture notes:

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4.J. Ding and A. Zhou ( 周爱辉): Statistical Properties of Deterministic Systems, Springer-Tsinghua University Press, 2009.

Papers published in research journals:

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15. 王镜波 , ( 崔俊芝 ), 聂玉峰 : 单向纤维增强复合材料的双尺度分析模型及其力学参数计算,数值计算与计算机应用 , 30:1(2009), 30-40 ?

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18. 冯永平, ( 崔俊芝 ) :周期空洞区域中热力耦合问题的双尺度有限元计算,物理学报,第58卷,专刊, 2009 年6 月 , S327-337 ? (SCI)

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