Publications of 2007:

Monographs and printed lecture notes:

1.Y. Yuan( 袁亚湘 ): Stepsizes for the Gradient Method ,( 美国数学会出版 )

Papers published in research journals:

1.Zhong-Zhi Bai( 白中治 ), Gene H. Golub, and Michael K. Ng: On successive-overrelaxation acceleration of the Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting iterations, Numercal Linear Algebra With Applcations, 14:4(2007),319-335 .( SCI )

2.Zhong-Zhi Bai( 白中治) , Yu-Mei Huang, Huang, and Michael K. Ng: On preconditioned iterative methods for Burgers equations, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 29:1(2007), 415-439, 2007.( SCI )

3.Zhong-Zhi Bai(白中治 ) and Heng-Bin An: A globally convergent Newton-GMRES method for large sparse systems of nonlinear equations, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 57:3(2007) ,235-252.( SCI )

4.Zhong-Zhi Bai( 白中治 ) and Gene H. Golub: Accelerated Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting iteration methods for saddle-point problems, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 27:1(2007) 1-23.( SCI )

5.Zhong-Zhi Bai( 白中治) , Gene H. Golub, and Chi-Kwong Li: Convergence properties of preconditioned Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting methods for non-Hermitian positive semidefinite matrices, Mathematics of Computation, 76:257(2007), 287 298.( SCI )

6.Zhong-Zhi Bai ( 白中治) and Yong-Hua Gao: Modified Bernoulli iteration methods for quadratic matrix equation, Journal of Computational Mathematics, 25:5(2007),498-511.( SCI )

7.Yu X.G. and Cui J.Z( 崔俊芝 ): The prediction on mechanical properties of 4-step braided composites via two-scale method. Journal of Composites Science & Technology, 67 (2007), 471-480.

8.Wenming He and Junzhi Cui ( 崔俊芝 ) : A Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems with Rapidly Oscillating Coefficients, BIT Numerical Mathematics, 47:1 (2007). ( SCI )

9.Wenming He and Junzhi Cui( 崔俊芝 ): A Local Error Estimate for The Method of Multiscale Asymptotic Expansions for Elliptic Problem with Rapidly Oscillating Coefficients , J. Math. Anal. Appl., 329 (2007 ), 547-556. ( SCI )

10.Wenming He and Junzhi Cui( 崔俊芝 ): A New Approximate Method for Second Order Elliptic Problems with Rapidly Oscillating Coefficients Based on The Method of Multiscale Asymptotic Expansions, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. ( SCI )

11.W.Allegretto, L.Q.Cao( 曹礼群 ) , and Y.P.Lin: Multiscale asymptotic expansion for second order parabolic equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Ser.A, 20:3(2007), 543-576. ( SCI )

12.L.Q.Cao( 曹礼群) and J.L.Luo: Multiscale numerical algorithm for the elliptic eigenvalue problem with the mixed boundary in perforated domains, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 57: 12(2007),1201-1226. ( SCI )

13.Zhiming Chen ( 陈志明) , Long Wang and Weiying Zheng ( 郑伟英 ): An adaptive adaptive multilevel method for time-harmonic Maxwell equations with singularity, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 29 (2007),118-138. ( SCI )

14.Y.Q. Hu and Y.H.Dai ( 戴彧红): Inexact Barzilai-Borwein method for saddle point problems, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 14 (2007), 299-317. (SCI )

15.J. Hong( 洪佳林 ), X.Liu, and C. Li: Multi-symplectic Runge Kutta Nyström methods for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with variable coefficients, J. Comput. Phys. 226 (2007), 1968-1984. ( SCI, EI)

16.J. Hong ( 洪佳林 ), S. Jiang, C. Li, and H. Liu: Explicit multi-sympletic methods for Hamiltonian wave equations, Commun. Comput. Phys. 2 (2007), 662-683. ( SCI, EI)

17.J. Hong ( 洪佳林 ), S. Jiang, L. Kong, and C. Li: Numerical comparison of five difference scheme for coupled Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger equations in quantum physics, J. Phys. A. 40 (2007), 9125-9136. (SCI, EI)

18.J. Hong ( 洪佳林 ), R. Scherer, and L. Wang: Predictor-corrector methods for a linear stochastic oscillator with additive noise, Math. Comput. Modeling 46 (2007), 738-764. (SCI, EI)

19.F. Cong, J. Hong ( 洪佳林 ), and Y. Han: Near-invariant tori on exponentially long time for Poission systems, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 334 (2007),59-68. (SCI, EI)

20.Y. Han and J. Hong ( 洪佳林 ): Existence of ? -bounded solutions for linear difference equations, Appl. Math. Lett. 20 (2007), 301-305. (SCI, EI)

21.Y. Han and J. Hong ( 洪佳林 ): Almost periodic random sequence in probability, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 336 (2007), 962-974. (SCI, EI).

22.Qiya Hu( 胡齐芽 ): A Regularized Domain Decomposition Method with Lagrange Multiplier, Advances in Computational Mathematics, 4(2007) , 367-401 (SCI)

23.Qiya Hu( 胡齐芽 ): Hermann Brunner and Qiya Hu, Optimal superconvergence results for delay Volterra integro-differential equations of pantograph type. SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 45:3(2007), 986-1004. (SCI)

24.Qun Lin( 林 群 ) and Jiaquan Liu: Counterexamples to the asymptotic expansion of interpolation in finite elements, Adv. Comp. Math., 27(2007), 167-177. (SCI).

25.Qun Lim( 林 群 ) and Junming Zhou: Superconvergence in high-order Galerkin finite element methods, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 196(2007), 3779-3784. (SCI).

26.Qun Lin( 林 群 ) and Jiafu Lin: Extrapolation of the bilinear element approximation for the Poisson equation on anisotropic meshes, Numerical Methods for PDE, DOI 10.1002/num.20202. (SCI).

27.Hung-Tsai Huang, Zi-Cai Li, and Qun Lin( 林 群 ): New expansions of numerical eigenvalues by finite elements, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, DOI: 10.1016/ (SCI).

28.Qun Lin( 林 群 ) and Jiafu Lin: Superconvergence on anisotropic meshes, International Journal of Information and Systems Sciences, 3:2 (2007), 261-266.

29.G. Fairweather, Qun Lin( 林 群 ), Y Lin, J Wang, and S Zhang: Asymptotic expansions and Richardson extrapolation of approximate solutions for second order elliptic problems on rectangular domain by mixed finite element methods, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 44: 3 (2007), 1122-1149. (SCI)

30.W. E and P. B. Ming( 明平兵 ): Cauchy-Born rule and the stability of crystalline solids: static problems, Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal., 183(2007), 241 - 297.(SCI)

31.W. E and P. B. Ming( 明平兵 ): Cauchy-Born rule and the stability of crystalline solids: dynamic problems, Acta Math. Appl. Sin. Engl. Ser., 23(2007), 529 -550.

32.P. B. Ming( 明平兵) and P. W. Zhang: Analysis of the heterogeneous multiscale method for parabolic homogenization problems, Math. Comp., 76(2007), 153 - 177.(SCI)

33.F. Liu, P. B. Ming ( 明平兵 ), and J. Li: Ab initio calculation of ideal strength and phonon instability of graphene in tension, Phy. Rev. B, 76(2007), 64-120. (SCI)

34.P. B. Ming( 明平兵 ), Z.-C. Shi( 石钟慈 ), and Y. Xu: A new superconvergence property of nonconforming rotated Q_1 element in 3D, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg.,197(2007), 95 - 102. (SCI, EI)

35.J.L. Fu, G.D. Dai, S. Jim é nez and Y.F. Tang( 唐贻发 ): Discrete Variational Principle and First Integrals of Lagrange-Maxwell Mechanico-Electrical Dynamical Systems, Chin. Phys., 16:3(2007), 570-577. (SCI)

36.H.J. Liu, J.L. Fu and Y.F. Tang( 唐贻发 ): A Series of Non-Noether Conservative Quantities and Mei Symmetries of Nonconservative Systems, Chin. Phys., 16:3(2007), 599-604. (SCI)

37.Y.F. Tang( 唐贻发 ): J.W. Cao, X.T. Liu ang Y.C. Sun, Symplectic Methods for the Ablowitz-Ladik Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor., 40:10(2007), 2425-2437. ( SCI)

38.Q.D. Feng, Y.D. Jiao, and Y.F. Tang( 唐贻发 ): Conjugate Symplecticity of 2nd-Order Linear Multi-Step Methods, J. Comput. Appl. Math., 203:1(2007), 6-14. (SCI)

39.Y.D. Jiao, G.D. Dai, Q.D. Feng, and Y.F. Tang( 唐贻发 ): Non-existence of Conjugate-Symplectic Multi-Step Methods of Odd Order, J. Comput. Math., 25:6(2007), 690-696. (SCI)

40.Yingguang Shi and Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): Construction of $\sigma$-orthogonal Polynomials and Gaussian Quadrature Formulas, Advances in Computational Mathematics, 27:1 (2007), 79-94. (SCI)

41.Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ), Zhang Qin, and Liu Dan: Smooth Surface Reconstruction from Moisy Scattered Data---Variational Level Set Methods. Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 19:7(2007), 840-848. (SCI)

42.Dan Liu and Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): A General Sixth Order Geometric Partial Differential Equation and Its Application in Surface Modeling. Journal of Information & Computational Science, 4:1(2007), 129-140. (EI)

43.Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): Qin Zhang, G^2 Surface Modeling by Minimal Mean-Curvature-Variation Flow. Computer Aided Design, 39(2007),342-351. (SCI)

44. . Dan Liu and Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): Angle Deficit Approximation of Gaussian Curvature and Its Convergence over Quadrilateral Meshes, Computer Aided Design, 39:6(2007), 506-517. (SCI)

45.Qin Zhang and Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): Curvature computations for n-manifolds in R^{m+n} and solution to an open problem proposed by R. Goldman, Computer Aided Geometric Design, 24:2(2007), 117-123. (SCI)

46.Z.C. Shi( 石钟慈 ), X.J. Xu( 许学军 ), and Y.Q. Huang: Economical Cascadic Multigrid Methods, Science in China , Series A, 50:12 (2007), 1755-1770.(SCI)

47.C.L. Li, C.M. Chen and X.J. Xu( 许学军 ): 基于超收敛和外推方法的一类新的瀑布多重网格方法论 , 29:4 (2007), 439-448.

48.Zhang Sheng and Yu Dehao( 余德浩 ): Multigrid algorithm for the coupling system of natural boundary element method and finite element method for unbounded domain problems, J. Comput. Math., 25:1(2007), 13-26. ( SCI , EI)

49.Liu Yang, Hu Qiya, and Yu Dehao9( 余德浩 ): A Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition for Low-frequency Time-harmonic Maxwell's Equations in Unbounded Domains, Advances in Computational Mathematics, (online first), 2007. (SCI)

50.Li Yuan ( 袁 礼 ) and Tao Tang: Resolving the shock-induced combustion by an adaptive mesh redistribution method, Journal of Computational Physics, 224:2 (2007), 587-600. (SCI , EI )

51.Y. Lu and Y. Yuan( 袁亚湘 ): An interior-point trust-region algorithm for general symmetric cone programming , SIAM J. Optim. 18(2007) 65-86. (SCI)

52.C. Jin and A. Zhou ( 周爱辉 ): A posteriori error estimates for Markov approximations of Frobenius-Perron operators, Nonlin. Anal., 67(2007), 763-772. (SCI).

53.F. Liu and A. Zhou ( 周爱辉 ): Two-scale Boolean Galerkin discretizations for Fredholm integral equations of the second kind, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 45(2007), 296-312. (SCI).

54.A. Zhou ( 周爱辉 ): Finite dimensional approximations for the electronic ground state solution of a molecular system, Math. Methods Appl. , 30(2007), 429-447. ( SCI).

55.J. Ding and A. Zhou ( 周爱辉): Eigenvalues of rank-one updated matrices with some applications, Appl. Math. Letter., 20 (2007), 1223-1226 (SCI).

56.F. Liu and A. Zhou ( 周爱辉): Localizations and parallelizations for two-scale finite element discretizations, Comm. Pure Appl. Anal., 6(2007), 757-773(SCI).

Papers published in proceedings of symposia and conferences :

1.Z. Cui( 崔俊芝 ), X. G. Yu, Y. Yu and F. Han: The Statistical Two-Scale Method for Strength Prediction of Composite Materials with Random Distribution and Its Application , Computational Mechanics ' Proceedings of ISCM 2007 Edited by Z.H.Yao and M.W. Yuan, July 30-August 1,TSINGHUA University and Springer,PP:60-79, Semi-plenary lecture at ISCM-07, Jul.30-Aug. 1, Beijing, China.

2.Wan J.J. and Cui J.Z( 崔俊芝 ): Two-scale analysis for dynamic coupled thermo-elasticity problems of periodic composite materials, International Workshop: Advancements in Design Optimization of Materials Structures and Mechanical Systems, 17-20 Dec., 2007, Xi ' an, China, Northwestern Polytechnic University and University De Liege, PP262-273.

3.Huang Hongying and Yu Dehao( 余德浩 ): Coupling of natural BEM and FEM for 3d nonlinear interface problem, Proc. Of ICCES ' 07, Tech Science Press, 2007.

4.C. Bajaj and Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): Qin Zhang, Smooth Surface Construction via a Higher-Oorder Level-Set Method, Proceedings of 2007 10Th IEEE International Conference on Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, Oct. 15-18, Beijing China .

5.Qin Zhang and Guoliang Xu( 徐国良 ): A General Sixth Order Geometric Flow and Its Applications in Surface Processing, Proceedings of 2007 International Conference on Cyberworlds, 2007, Oct. 24-27, Hannover, pages, 447 456, IEE

6.Huang Hongying and Yu Dehao( 余德浩 ): Coupling of natural BEM and FEM for 3d nonlinear interface problem, Proc. Of ICCES ' 07, Tech Science Press, 2007.

7.Y. Yuan( 袁亚湘 ): Subspace techniques for nonlinear optimization , In: Jeltsch, Li and Sloan Eds. CAM 8, 2007 pp.206-218

8.T. Raham and X.J. Xu( 许学军 ): A New Variant of the Mortar Technique for the Crouzeix-Raviant Finite Element, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci. Engrg., 55 (2007), 465-475.(SCI)

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