Publications  of  2005:



Papers published in research journals :

1.Hengbin An and Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), Directional secant method for nonlinear equations, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 175:2(2005), 291-304.  

2.Hengbin An and Zhongzhi Bai(白中治),NGLM: A globally convergent Newton-GMRES method, Mathematica Numerica Sinica,27:2(2005), 151-174. (In Chinese) (国内刊物)

 3.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治) and Hengbin An,On efficient variants and global convergence of the Newton-GMRES method,Journal on Numerical Methods and Computer Applications, 26:4(2005), 291-300. (国内刊物)

 4Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), M.K. Ng and Jianyu Pan, On alternating splitting waveform relaxation method and its successive overrelaxation acceleration, Computers and Mathematics with Applications,49:2-3(2005), 157-170. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物) 

5.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), G.H. Golub, Linzhang Lu and Junfeng Yin, Block triangular and skew-Hermitian splitting methods for positive-definite linear systems, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 26:3(2005), 844-863.(国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 6.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治) and M.K. Ng, On inexact preconditioners for nonsymmetric matrices, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 26:5(2005), 1710-1724. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 7.Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), B.N. Parlett and Zengqi Wang, On generalized successive overrelaxation methods for augmented linear systems, Numerische Mathematik, 102:1(2005), 1-38. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物) 

8.H.B. Chen, X.F. Guo, D.H. Yu余德浩, Regularized hyper-singular boundary integral equations for error estimation and adaptive mesh refinement, Building Research Journal, 53:1(2005), 33-44. (国际)

 9.Zhiming Chen陈志明, W.B. Deng and H. Ye, A New Upscaling Method for the solute transport equations, Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems 13 (2005), 941-962. SCI

 10.Zhiming Chen (陈志明), G. Bao and H.J.Wu, An adaptive finite element method for diffraction gratings, Journal of the Optical Society of America A 22 (2005),1106-1114. SCI

11.Zhiming Chen (陈志明), W.B. Deng and H. Ye, Upscaling of a class of nonlinear parabolic equations for the flow transport in heterogeneous porous media, Communications in Mathematical Sciences 3 (2005), 493-515. 

12.Zhiming Chen (陈志明) and Xueze Liu, An Adaptive Perfectly Matched Layer Technique for Time-harmonic Scattering Problems, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 43 (2005), 645-671. SCI 

13.Yu-Hong Dai and Roger Fletcher, On the Asymptotic Behaviour of Some New Gradient Methods, Mathematical Programming(Series A), 13:3 (2005), 541-559. SCI 

14.Yu-Hong Dai and Roger Fletcher, Projected Barzilai-Borwein Methods for Large-Scale Box-Constrained Quadratic Programming, Numerische Mathematik, 100:1 (2005) 21-47. SCI

 15.Yu-Hong Dai and Ya-xiang Yuan, Analyses of Monotone Gradient Methods, Journal of Industry and Management Optimization, 1: 2 (2005) 181-192.

 16.Z.Z. Dong, S.C. Li, D.H. Yu余德浩, Boundary integral formula of elastic problems in circle plane, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 26:5(2005), 604--608. (国内SCI/ EI)

 17.Qiang Du杜强, Huang Zhaohui and Desheng Wang, Mesh and Solver Co-adaptation in Finite Element Methods, Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, 21,(2005), pp.859-874. SCI 

18.Qiang Du(杜强)and Desheng Wang, Anisotropic Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations and Their Applications , SIAM J. Sci Comp., 26 (2005) , pp.737-761. SCI

 19.Jinyan Fan and Ya-xiang Yuan(袁亚湘), On the quadratic convergence of the Levenberg-Marquardt method without nonsingularity assumption, Computing 74(2005) 23-39. SCI 

20.Xiaoxia Guo and Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), On the minimal nonnegative solution of nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equation, Journal of Computational Mathematics,23:3(2005), 305-320. (国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 21.J. L. Hong洪佳林, H. Liu and G. Sun Spurious behavior of a symplectic integrator, Comput. Math. Appl. 50 (2005)519-528.  SCI

22.J. L. Hong洪佳林, The computation of Lyapunov exponents for periodic trajectories, Inter. J. Bifurcation and Chaos, 15(12) (2005), 4075-4080. SCI

 23.J. L. Hong洪佳林, X. Liu, P. Ding and L. Wang Optimization of explicit symplectic scheme for time-dependent Schroedinger equations, Comput. Math. Appl. 50 (2005)637-644. SCI

 24.Q.Y. Hu胡齐芽, D.H. Yu(余德浩), Iteratively solving a kind of Signorini transmission problem in a unbounded domain, ESIAM: Math. Model. And Numer. Anal., 39:4(2005), 715-726. SCI

 25.Z.W. Jiang, D.H. Yu余德浩, Mixed covolume methods on rectangular grids for Sobolev equation, J. Shandong Normal Univ., 20:1(2005), 1--5. (国内)

 26.Gaidi Li and Ya-xiang Yuan(袁亚湘), Computing a Celis-Dennis-Tapia step, J. Comput. Math. 23(2005) 463-478. SCI

 27.Anping Liao and Zhongzhi Bai(白中治), Least squares symmetric and skew-symmetric solutions of the matrix equation AXA^T + BYB^T =C with the least norm, Mathematica Numerica Sinica, 27:1(2005), 81-95. (In Chinese) (国内刊物)

 28.Anping Liao, Zhongzhi Bai(白中治) and Yuan Lei, Best approximate solution of matrix equation AXB + CYD = E, SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications,27:3(2005), 675-688.(国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 29.Qun Lin(林群), Lutz Tobiska, and Aihui Zhou (周爱辉),Superconvergence and extrapolation of non-conforming low order finite elements applied to the Poisson equation, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 25 (2005), 160-181. SCI

 30.Liu Qingkai, Zhang Lin-bo (张林波), A parallel bisection mesh refinement algorithm for distributed memory parallel computers, 计算物理,第22卷第5期,2005, 399-406. EI

 31.J.Z. Liu & Y.F. Tang唐贻发, An exponential distribution network, Chinese Physics, 14:4 (2005), 643-645. SCI

 32.P. B. Ming(明平兵) and Z.-C. Shi(石钟慈), Two nonconforming quadrilateral elements for the Reissner-Mindlin plate, Mathematical Modelling and Methods in Applied Sciences, 15:10(2005), 1503-1517. SCI

 33.Jianyu Pan, Zhongzhi Bai(白中治) and M.K. Ng, Two-step waveform relaxation methods for implicit linear initial value problems, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications,12:2-3(2005), 293-304.(国际刊物, SCI/EI 刊物)

 34.Zhong-Ci Shi石钟慈and Xuejun Xu许学军, The mortar element method for a nonlinear biharmonic equation, JCM 23 (2005), 537--560. SCI

 35.Zhong-Ci Shi石钟慈 and Jianguo Huang, Some Studies on mathematical models for general elastic multi-structures, Science in China, 2005, Vol48,986-1007. SCI

 36.Zhong-Ci Shi石钟慈 and Jun Hu, Constrained quadrilateral nonconforming rotated Q1 element, JCM, 2005, Vol 23, 561-586. SCI

 37. R. TalalXuejun Xu(许学军) and R. Hoppe, Additive Schwarz methods for the Crouzeix-Raviart mortar finite element for elliptic problems with discontinuous coefficientsNumer. Math.       101:32005, 551-572.SCI

 38.R. Talal, Xuejun Xu(许学军), On a new mortar element method for the Crouzeix-Raviart  Finite Element, Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, Springer, (40)2005,335-345. 

39.唐渊,孙家昶, 张云泉,张林波, 集群网络评测模型的新探索, 软件学报, Vol. 16, No. 6, 2005, pp1131?139

 40.Yanfei Wang and Ya-xiang Yuan袁亚湘, Convergence and regularity of trust region methods for nonlinear ill-posed inverse problems, Inverse Problems 21(2005) 821-838. SCI 

41.Guoliang Xu (徐国良), Qing Pan, Geometric Modelling by Discrete Surface Patches Based on Geometric Partial Differential Equations, Journal of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2005. EI 国内论文

 42.Guoliang Xu (徐国良), Interpolation by Loop's Subdivision Functions, Journal of Computational Mathematics, 23:3(2005), 247--260. SCI 国际论文

 43.Guoliang Xu (徐国良), Convergence of Discrete Laplace-Beltrami Operators over Surfaces, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 48(2004), 347--360. SCI 国际论文

 44. Xuejun Xu(许学军) and R. Hoppe, On the convergence of Mortar Edge Element Methods in R3 , SIAM J. Numer. Anal.,43:3(2005),1276-1294. SCI

 45. Xuejun Xu(许学军)S.H.       Lui and L. Chow, On Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for the Incompressible Navier-stokes equations, RAIAO M2AN,36(2005),127-147. SCI

 46.J.E. Yang, Q.Y. Hu (胡齐芽) and D.H. Yu(余德浩), Domain decomposition with non-matching grids for coupling of FEM and natural BEM, J. of Systems Science and Complexity, 18:4(2005), 529-542. (国内)

 47.Zhaohua Yin, Li Yuan袁礼and Tao Tang, A new parallel strategy for two-dimensional incompressible flow simulations using pseudo-spectral methods, Journal of Computational Physics,210 , 325-341, 2005. SCI

48.D.H. Yu余德浩, L.H. Zhao, Boundary integral equations and a posteriori error

estimates, Tsinghua Science and Technology, 10:1(2005), 35--42. (国内EI)

 49.Li Yuan 袁礼, Sonochemical effects on single-bubble sonoluminescence,  Phys. Rev. E 72046309, 2005. SCI

 50.Li Yuan (袁礼) and He Ping, Influence of sonochemistry on single-bubble sonoluminescence, Modern Phys. Letter B, Vol.19 No.28-29 (2005), 283-286. SCI


Papers published in proceedings of symposia and conferences :

1. Dan Liu, Guoliang Xu (徐国良), A Discrete Scheme of Laplace-Beltrami Operator and Its Convergence over Quadrilateral Meshes, Progress of Geometric Design and Computing in 2005, Falai Chen, Jiansong Deng and Chendong Xu Eds. Press of University of Science and Technology of China, 2005,pp213-218. 国内论文

2.Guoliang Xu (徐国良), Qin Pan, Surface Modelling Using Fourth Order Geometric Flows, Proceedings of Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization New Trends, 2005, pages 447--452, IEEE Computer Society. 国际论文

3. Guoliang Xu (徐国良), C. L. Bajaj, Adaptive Surfaces Fairing by Geometric Diffusion Sarfraz, M, (ed), Geometric Modeling: Techniques, Applications, Systems and Tools, 2004, Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN: 1-4020-1817-7, pages 31--50. 国际论文

 4. Y. Zhang, C. Bajaj, Guoliang Xu (徐国良), Surface Smoothing and Quality Improvement of Quadrilateral/Hexahedral Meshes with Geometric Flow. Proceedings of 14th International Meshing Roundtable, pp. 449-468. San Diego, CA. September 11-14, 2005. 国际论文

 5. Qin Zhang, Guoliang Xu (徐国良) Weighted Minimal Surfaces and Discrete Weighted Minimal Surfaces, in Advances in Information & Computational Science, Edited by Renhong Wang and Jieqing Tan, Pages 250--255 . EI国际论文

 6. S. Zhang, D.H. Yu余德浩, Preconditioners for coupling natural BEM and FEM, Advance in Boundary Integral Methods, K. Chen ed., The University of Liverpool, 2005, 32-41. (国际论文集)

 7. Huanxi Zhao, Guoliang Xu (徐国良), Directional Smoothing of Triangular Meshes, Proceedings of Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization New Trends, 2005, pages 397--402, IEEE Computer Society. 国际论文


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