Workshop on High Performance Numerical Algorithm and Software for Large-scale Scientific & Engineering Applications

in conjunction with HPC Asia 2019

Vanburgh Hotel, Guangzhou, China, Jan 14, 2019


Parallel numerical algorithms and software play a key role in high performance scientific and engineering applications. The resolution of increasingly diverse length as well as time scales is becoming possible with exciting advancement in both hardware and software capabilities. As concurrency in today’s supercomputers increases rapidly, and the architecture of the machine becomes more and more complicated, scalability in both complexity and parallelism becomes one of the most challenging issues in algorithm and software design. This workshop aims to provide a forum for experts from the countries around Asia and Pacific to discuss the most recent progresses of this field, topics include but are not limited to the following areas

·      Scalable parallel numerical algorithms

·      Fault-tolerant algorithms

·      Large-scale simulations for real world applications

·      High performance numerical software

·      Performance analysis and tuning

The workshop agenda is available here (Updated on Jan 12, 2019!)

The workshop photos are available here (New!)


Invited Speakers

·       Cai, Jianfeng (HKUST, Hong Kong)

·       Chen, Rongliang (SIAT, CAS, China)

·       Iwashita, Takeshi (Hokkaido U., Japan)

·       Logashenko, Dmitry (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

·       He, Xin (ICT, CAS, China)

·       Lee, Chang-Ock (KAIST, South Korea)

·       Liu, Hui (Calgary, Canada)

·       Sheen, Dongwoo (NSU, South Korea)

·       Wittum, Gabriel (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

·       Xu, Ran (IAPCM & CAEP-SCNS, China)

·       Zhang, Chensong (AMSS, CAS, China)

·       Zhang, Lian (HKUST, Hong Kong)

·       Zhang, Linbo (AMSS, CAS, China)


Program Chairs

·       Xu, Xiaowen (IAPCM, China)

·       Zhang, Chen-Song (AMSS, CAS, China)


Scientific Committee

·       Li, Xiaoye (LBNL, USA)

·       Liu, Weifeng (NUST, Norway)

·       Mo, Zeyao (IAPCM, China)

·       Nakajima, Kengo (U. Tokyo, Japan)

·       Tan, Guangmin (ICT, CAS, China)

·       Wittum, Gabriel (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

·       Xu, Jinchao (PSU, USA)

·       Zhang, Linbo (AMSS, CAS, China)


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