The Fifth International Workshop on

Modeling, Analysis, Simulations, and Applications of Inter-Facial Dynamics and FSI Problems

We are organizing a workshop on inter-facial dynamics and fluid-structure interaction problems. The focus will be on different aspects of interface problems, free boundary and moving interface problems, and fluid-structure interactions including modeling and analysis, the related theory and analysis of partial differential equations (PDEs), various numerical methods, and applications. The interactions include fluid and fluid, fluid and solid, fluid and elasticity materials interactions. An important goal of this workshop is to foster collaboration between computational mathematicians and engineers. This workshop is sponsored by the Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Location and Dates:

Pre-meeting: June 1-2, 2018, AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

            Workshop: June 4-8, Sanya Conference Center, Sanya

Invited Speakers:

      Francois Bouchon (Universit Clermont Auvergne, France)

      Thierry Coupez (CEMEF - MINES ParisTech, France)

      Philippe Devloo (University of Campinas, Brazil)

      Robert Dillon (Washington State Univ, USA)

      Kazufumi Ito (NC State Univ, USA)

      Boo Cheong Khoo (NUS, Singapore)

      Zhilin Li (NC State Univ, USA)

      Peter Minev (Univ of Alberta, Canada)

      Thomas Richter (University of Magdeburg, Germany)

      Lisl Weynans (University of Bordeaux, France)

      Jinchao Xu (Penn State Univ, USA)



Schedule and Abstracts


Scientific Committee:

       Zhiming Chen (LSEC, AMSS, China)

       Guowei He (IMECH, China)

       Boo Cheong Khoo (NUS, Singapore)

       Randy LeVeque (Univ of Washington, USA)

       John Lowengrub (UC Irvine, USA)

       Peter Minev (Univ of Alberta, Canada)

       Chi-Wang Shu (Brown Univ, USA)

       Jinchao Xu (Penn State Univ, USA)

       Li Yuan (LSEC, AMSS, China)

       Aman Zhang (HIT, China)

       Linbo Zhang (LSEC, AMSS, China)


Organizing Committee:

       Zhilin Li (North Carolina State Univ)

       Tiegang Liu (Beihan Univ)

       Chensong Zhang (LSEC, AMSS)


Visa Application:

Conference participants who are not Chinese citizens may need a Chinese visa to enter China. Participants can apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the region in which they live. For most attendees, it is easy to apply for a Tourist (L) visa; an invitation letter is not required for obtaining a Tourist visa. If some participants need to apply a Business (F) Visa that does require an invitation letter, please contact Dr. Zhang, Chensong (Email: to get an official invitation letter needed for the Chinese visa application. Participants are advised to apply for a visa as early as possible. It is recommended that they apply for a Chinese visa at least ONE month in advance. 

If you plan to apply F Visa, please provide the following information to us by 
April 15, 2018

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth, Sex
  3. Passport Number, Nationality
  4. Institution, Title
  5. Period of stay in China (including possible stays outside Beijing)
  6. To which embassy you will apply for the Visa.


For more information regarding the requirements and procedure for obtaining a visa to China, please see


There are two hotels which are convenient for the workshop:

       Wuke Hotel (on campus)

       Liaoning International Hotel (across a stress to our campus, 500 meters)

We can assist you on reserving hotel rooms. Please contact Dr. Zhang, Chensong (Email:


Travel Information:

Beijing Capital International Airport ( is located in the northeast of Beijing, about 30 km away from the conference site. It is very convenient to access the city from the Airport by taxi or public transportation. Taking a taxi is a convenient choice. Fees are charged according to the on-car-meter. Fares should be paid in RMB cash. It costs around RMB100 to get to AMSS. Most taxi drivers cannot speak or understand English, so we will prepare the address of the contract hotels in Chinese for you to show to drivers. They should be clear enough for most Beijing taxi drivers. Please print and bring this travel guide (for the Liaoning International Hotel) or the alternative guide (for the Wuke Hotel) with you for convenience.

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