International Conference on
Numerical Analysis and Optimization
dedicated to M.J.D. Powell's 70th Birthday
(Beijing, Sept 25-28, 2006)

The conference highlights recent advances in the theoretical, computational and practical aspects of numerical analysis and optimization. The aim of the conference is to gather numerical analysis and optimization experts to exchanges ideas and to discuss future developments and trends of these fields. In part, this meeting is intended to honour the many contributions of Professor M.J.D. Powell to Numerical Analysis and Optimization.


         NAME           (Affiliation)                        Title of Lecture

         H. Brunner    (Memorial Uni of Newfoundland, CA)   The numerical analysis of pantograph-type integral equations
         M. Buhmann    (University of Giessen, Germany)     Limits of Radial Basis Function Interpolants 
         T. Coleman    (University of Waterloo, Canada)     A Financial Optimization Application: Asset Selection and Hedging under Basis Risk
         A.R. Conn     (IBM Watson Research Center, USA)    Some New Results in Derivative Free Optimization
         M. Fukushima  (Kyoto University, Japan)            An SQP-Type Algorithm for Nonlinear Second-Order Cone Programs
         N. Gould      (Reutherford Appleton Lab, UK)       SRLP-EQP filter methods for constrained optimization
         A. Iserles    (University of Cambridge, UK)        From high oscillation to rapid approximation
         F. Jarre      (Uni. of Duesseldorf, Germany)       An augmented primal-dual method for linear conic minimization
         J.M. Martinez (State Uni. of Campinas, Brazil)     Six Optimization Methods for Protein Alignment
         M. Overton    (New York University, USA)           Variable Metric Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization
         M.J.D. Powell (University of Cambridge, UK)        An extension of the NEWUOA software that allows bounds on the variables.
         L.Q. Qi       (City University, Hong Kong)         Z-Eigenvalue Methods for A Global Polynomial Optimization Problem
         K.Schittkowski(Uni. of Bayereuth, Germany)         A Trust Region SQP-Method for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
         D. Shanno     (Rutgers University, USA)            Constraint Relaxation and Interior-Point Methods
         T. Steihaug   (Uni. of Bergen, Norway)             The CPR and Beyond
         R. Tapia      (Rice University, USA)               Inverse, Shifted Inverse, and Rayleigh Quotient Iteration as Newton's Method
         Ph. Toint     (University of Namur, Belgium)       Multilevel optimization and multigrid techniques
         M. Todd       (Cornell University, USA)            Linear Convergence of a Modified Frank-Wolfe Algorithm on the Simplex 


    Y.H. Dai     (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)        
    M. Buhmann   (University of Giessen, Germany)
    Ph. Toint    (University of Namur, BELGIUM)           
    Y. Yuan      (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA)        


Anyone who wants to contribute a 20 minute talk should send the title and abstract before February 25th, 2006, to the contacting address given below.


Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese National Science Foundation, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing,
Stat Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing,


The Conference will be held at the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is located at Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing. It is planned to accommodate the conference participants in the Guest Hotel of the Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (approximately US$ 25- 40 per night).

Tours to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City will be arranged during the conference, free of charge to all participants. For each accompany person, tour to the Great Wall is US$ 40 and tour to the Forbidden City is US$ 30.


The registration fee for each participant (except the invited speakers) is US$300. It including luncheons during the meeting, a banquet and the proceedings of the conference. Special registration fee for students is US$150. Please complete the attached registration form, with a check of US$300 payable to Ya-xiang Yuan, and sent it to


Prof. Ya-xiang Yuan                                
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P.O. Box 2719, Beijing 100080, China                   
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FAX: +86-10-6262-7365                                      


December 15, 2005, Pre-registration

February 25th, 2006, Deadline for submission of abstracts of contributed talks

April 15th, 2006 , Notification of acceptance of the contributed talks

September 25-28, 2006 , International Conference of Nonlinear Programming.


International Conference on
Numerical Analysis and Optimization
dedicated to M.J.D. Powell's 70th Birthday
(Beijing, Sept 25-28, 2006)

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