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Theorem 1(Erdos):A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.

Theorem 2(Zhiqiang Xu): Zhiqiang Xu is not a mathematician.

Proof: Because my name is Zhiqiang Xu, we only need to prove "I am not a mathematician". After drinking a cup of coffe, I have a toothache. Hence, I can not think and then I can not prove anything. So, I can not turn a cup of coffee into a theorem. According to Theorem 1, I am not a mathematician. 


Lecture 1 Weierstrass Theorem and Convolution Approximation

Lecture 2 Fourier Series

Lecture 3 Fourier Transform

Lecture 4 Polynomial Interpolation

Lecture 5 Generalized Fourier Series

Lecture 6 B Spline Functions

Lecture 7 Box Spline Functions

Lecture 8 Wavelets,1

Lecture 9 Wavelets,2

Lecture 10 Wavelets,3

Lecture 11 Wavelets,4

Lecture 12 Wavelets,5