Tao in London, 2018   



 Tao in Taishan, 2018



      With Prof.Tao Tang in XiongAn, 2018



        With Prof. G.E. Karniadakis in Xiamen, 2017



        With Eitan Tadmor, Rolf Jeltsch, Tao Tang in Beijing (Green T.House)



           Tao in Lausanne, 2012



              Tao in Rhein Falls (棲咒采沌下), Switzerland, 2012     



         With ZHONG Gang in Vienna, Austria, 2012



           Angela's Marriage, Switzerland, 2013



           With Prof. LI Dong (UBC) in HK, 2014



              With Prof. TANG Tao in Glasgow, 2013



           With CHEN Le and XIU Wei in Lausanne, 2013



                Tao in Switzerland, 2011



                 With Prof. Fabio NOBILE (EPFL) in Salt Lake City, 2015



                  With Prof. Shi JIN in Madison, 2015



                  Tao in Prague, 2012



                     Tao in Jilin (海易表), 2014.