Doctor,Assistant Professor






Sep 2003 C Jun 2008

Graduate student, School of Mathematical Sciences , Peking University, China,

PhD supervisors: Professors Ming Wang and Zhiping Li,

PhD thesis: On the numerical methods of Cahn-Hilliard equation.

Sep 1999 C Jun 2003

Undergraduate student, School of Mathematical Sciences , Shandong University, China.

  Professional Experience
Aug 2009 C Assistant professor,  Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Aug 2013 C Aug 2014

Visiting scholar, Department of Mathematics, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.

  Aug 2008 C Aug 2009

Postdoctoral Research Associate,  Department of Mathematics, The Pennsylvania StateUniversity, USA,

Mentor: Professor Jinchao Xu.

  Honors and Awards
November, 2007  

The Second Award of Excellent Youth Paper of Chinese Computational Mathematical Society.




PI,  ^Optimal  solvers for finite  element  system  of  fourth  order problems",  (NSFC 11101415).


PI, ^Finite element methods for elastic strain gradient problems", (NSFC 11471026).

  Selected Publications (*:corresponding author)
Z, M. Wang,     A posterior  estimator of nonconforming  finite  element method for fourth  order elliptic  perturbation problems,  J. Comput.  Math 26(2008),  554-577.
Z*, M. Wang,     A nonconforming  finite element method for the  Cahn-Hilliard equation J. Comput.  Phys. 229(2010),  7361-7372.
B. Gao, Z, M. Wang

  A note  on the  nonconforming  finite  elements for elliptic  problems  J. Comput. Math.  29(2011),  215-226.

M. Wang, P. Zu, Z*,

  High Accuracy  Nonconforming Finite Element  Methods for Fourth Order Problems ,  Sci. China Math.  55(2012),  2183-2192.

J. Xu, Z,   Norms  of discrete trace  functions  of H 1(Ω) and H 2(Ω) Comput.  Methods Appl. Math.  12(2012),  4, 500C512.
Z* with R. Cheng,

  Application  of an energy  minimizing  algebraic  multigrid  method for subsurface water  simulation Int. J. Numer. Anal. Model. 10(2013),  374-388.

Z*, J. Xu,   Optimal  solvers  for fourth-order  PDEs  discretized on unstructured grids,  SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 52(2014),  282C307.
Mar 21, 2014,    Michigan Technological University, Houghton,  MI, USA,  invited talk of Department  of Mathematical Sciences(Mathematical Science Colloquium).
Sep 19, 2013,    Universit│ della Svizzera italiana (USI - University of Lugano), Lugano, Switzerland, at the Conference of Domain Decomposition XXII.
Sep 13, 2013,    The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, USA, at the CCMA PDEs and Numerical Methods Seminar.
July 20, 2013,    Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China,   at Workshop on Scientific Computing With Applications.
Jun 26 2012,    INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique, Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France,  at Conference of Domain Decomposition XXI.
Jul 28 2011,    Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China,  at Symposium on Computational Science, Engineering and Finance.
Mar 5, 2011,    Shanghai Jiaotong  University, Shanghai, China, invited talk at Colloquium of Institute of Natural Sciences of SJTU.
Feb 8 2011,    University of California in San Diego, USA,  at Conference of domain decomposition XX.
Aug 1 2010,    Soochow University Suzhou, China, at Frontiers of Computational and Applied Mathematics.
Jul 9 2010,    Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, at CSIAM Annual Meeting.
Aug 30 2009,    Peking University, Beijing, China,  at Symposium on Multilevel and Adaptive Finite Element Methods.
Apr 25 2009,  

University of Delaware, Delaware, USA,  at Finite Element Circus.