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Invited Lecturers:

Professor Jack Xin (University of California, Irvine, USA)

¡ª¡ªMathematical Modeling of the Ear and Sound Signal Processing


We shall introduce partial differential equations (PDE) of the inner ear based on principles of mechanics and neural science, then analyze and compute PDE solutions under various acoustic stimulii. Nonlinear interacions of sound waves and the sensitivity of hearing are captured by the ear PDEs which are dispersive in nature. Subsequently, we shall study discrete mixing models of sounds and blind source separation based on statistical/ algebraic principles and optimization techniques.


Dr. Fabio Nobile (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

¡ª¡ªModeling and Simulation of Fluid-structure Interaction


Fluid structure interaction problems appear in many applications. Examples are: aeroelasticity, flow induced vibrations of cables/bridges/..., blood flow in human vessels, just to name a few.

Numerical simulations of these complex phenomena often pose several challenges and require a careful design of the spatial and temporal discretization to achieve good stability and accuracy properties.

The course aims at giving an introduction to the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction models.

Topics addressed will include:
1)Mathematical formulation of the fluid-structure problem and global energy balance
2) Added mass operator for linearized fluid models
3)Arbitrary Lagrangian formulation for the fluid equations in moving domains
4)Partitioned and Monolithic coupled fluid-structure algorithms
5)Fictitious domain formulation for immersed bodies

The coure will include regular lectures as well as hands-on sessions where the students will be encouraged to experiment the algorithms presented during the lectures on simple fluid-structure applications.



May 19th, 2010                   Deadline for Application

June 19th, 2010                   Deadline for Admission

August 1st, 2010                 Registration on the Summer School

August 2nd-14th, 2010       The Summer School


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