If you are not a Chinese passport holder, you may need a visa to come China. Please contact Ms Lin-ai-yi Zhu ( to get an official invitation letter for you to apply the Chinese visa. The following information should be supplied:

  1. your full name (as given in your passport):
  2. your passport number:
  3. date of birth:
  4. your nationality:
  5. the date that you will enter China:
  6. the date that you will leave China:
  7. the city (or name) of the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate (where you will apply for the visa):
  8. your full postal address (as we need to send the hard copy invitation letter to you)

Rough schedule:

March 14       13:00-19:00   Registration ( in the lobby of ICMSEC, AMSS )

March 15       09:00-10:00   Opening ceremony

March 15       10:00-18:00   Conference

March 16       09.00-18:00   Conference

March 17       09:00-18:00   Conference