Webpage of Numerical Algebra Group




Founded in 2005, the numerical algebra group (NAG) is a special committee of the China Society of Computational Mathematics (CSCM). Its main tasks include, but not limited to, organizing and coordinating various academic activities in China, such as conference, summer schools, workshops, and seminars associated with numerical algebra and scientific computing. Its main aim is to enhance and promote academic exchanges among scholars in China and abroad working on the two fields.

The International Conference on Numerical Algebra and Scientific Computing (NASC) and the International Summer School on Numerical Linear Algebra (NLA) are two main series of activities since 2006. The Applied Numerical Algebra (ANA) Prize, a best-paper award for Chinese young scientists, was launched on the first NASC conference (NASC06) at Beijing in 2006, and it will be awarded in every NASC conference.